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Hello !!!
Welcome to my small section of the internet. This place isn't all too special, but hopefully you can enjoy your stay here. Since you're here, I suppose I should tell you about myself.

I'm just some guy who decided to use his highschool learned HTML skills to use--by trying, and failing, to code a website, so I'd like to thank the vast array of resources available to spoonfeed me on how to code. Rudimentary HTML skills aside, who am I? What do I do besides make pitiful .html files? Well, currently I am attending university in hopes to become an elementary school teacher, and while doing so, I work a minimum wage retail job to support myself. Fun times, right?

Interests? Hobbies? In fact, I do have some of these. However, they don't differ all that much from those of others. I'm a fan of anime, with some of my favorites being Gundam, Nadesico, Medarot, Patlabor, and anything Rumiko Takahashi (Maison Ikkoku is my favorite). I have a MyAnimeList that you can check out by clicking HERE.

Video games are pretty neat too. Pokemon is the franchsie I'm probably the most invested into, but I also enjoy some other games like Megaman Legends, Zone of the Enders, Custom Robo, and Pizza Hut Demo Discs 1-3.

Music is pretty nice too. Some of my favorite groups/people in this field are Casiopea, Jun Fukamachi, Toshiya Sukegawa, YMO--however, I'm not too great at remembering the names of Artists.

If you'd like to see deeper into my interests, check out some other sections of this website! Regardless if you do or not, I appreciate you visiting. It would be a lot to me if left your mark by signing the guestbook!