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Who am I? What am I? Why am I? Why is this website the way it is?
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BIRTHDAY - 12/27/00

As I'm sure you've seen in a couple places here by now, I'm Bela, and I'm glad you've made it far enough to care to read about me! Currently, I'm enrolled in in college as a biology major hoping to become a highschool biology teacher, but lately I've felt a push in myself to give up on that a head towards becoming an elementary school teacher. If that doesn't work, who knows.

This website is coded in my very rudimentary HTML skills, but I hope you can still find some sort of enjoyment in it! So, if this website isn't necessarily me caring much about web design, what is it? Mostly, I intend for this place to be an eternal time capsule of sorts for myself; how I am now, how I change, my interests, thoughts, etc. Neocities is an interesting place because the personality of a person is shown through their design how they express themselves, and I feel as if that's what makes it unique.

So what about me? What am I about? My major interests are natural sciences (specifically ecology), video games, anime, film, old computer hardware, and meeting new people. Some of the more notable franchises that have influenced my life are Pokemon, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Maison Ikkoku. I've had my fair share of passing interests throughout my life, but these are the ones that have stuck with me for the longest time. Truthfully, Pokemon was the catalyst for much of how I am now. Pokemon made me interested in the Internet, so I could trade Pokemon, made me interested in other video games, made in interested in anime, and I met many of the friends I've had other the years due to some relation to Pokemon. In addition, I also feel that I'm a somewhat melmelancholic person. A lot of the time, I find myself longing for the past, stuck in thoughts about the future, or worrying about how people feel about me. Often, I find myself pushing myself away from others in fear that they'll leave eventually.

So what is there left to say? If you made it this far you must be atleast somewhat interested in myself and what this website can potentially offer, so what are you waiting for?! Check around some more, and be sure to comment in the guestbook!

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